Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Go Go Art Bag

crayon go go art bag, originally uploaded by emilyplays.

My daughter has hit the birthday party age. She has a full schedule! I've made another art bag birthday gift. These are such fun to make and seem to be well received. This one is a bit smaller and is also reversible. We filled it with crayons (natch!), notepads, stickers and pens. Plenty of goodies to inspire.

I think my favorite bit is the buttons that I dug out of my button box. Well really, my button boxeS! It is very satisfying to a crafty soul to be pawing through a well stocked button collection!

Speaking of buttons, I recently discovered two dear friends didn't own button boxes! I couldn't believe it - where do they put their buttons?! They both answered "What buttons?"
Of course, when I brought mine out for a felt purse project, each of them (independent of each other) spent
hours digging and sorting. One has since remedied her button-box-less state, but the other is slated for a gift of pre-stocked box of goodness!

Here is the inside/outside of the bag>reverse side of art bag