Friday, January 18, 2008

To Me From Me

Edited to add:
Perhaps I should blog all of my losses!
My scarf has returned to me! We were out with some friends at our favorite Pho place. As we were leaving, I looked down at the little ornate end table in the waiting area. There was a stack of hats, mittens and such, but peeking out from the bottom of the pile was a tendril of my scarf! Hooray! Banh Choux a la cream and my scarf - a great night out indeed!

I finally made myself a scarf! I have been saving my punch card from my LYS, knowing that when it was full it would be time for a to-me-from-me. I don't do enough of those. For instance, I used to make quilts, yet I don't own a handmade quilt!
Now with crochet, it is not such a heavy time, space commitment. Makes it so much easier to put a for-me project in amongst the gift line-up. I chose some soft and rich yarns and whipped up this neck wrap.

It was warm, light & wonderful!
It went with everything I wear!
It was perfect!

I lost it! I have no idea when or where - I keep hoping it will just pop up somewhere unexpected. Or I at least hope that someone else is enjoying it. I hate to think of it languishing in a puddle or heaping box of lost and found. It was a modified version of these scarves - which I haven't made in quite awhile. Probably because by now I have made one for everyone.

This one is quite vibrant, but the dear friend I made it for is such a vibrant woman that she can pull it off!

So now it is onto fingerless mittens. I've learned to do the foundation single crochet. Rock my world! It has such lovely give and stretch! I may use it for everything.
I found this wonderful photo tutorial at snuffykin's journal which helped immensely.
Oh and be sure to check out her adorable mushroom!

I had tried using the FSC article in Interweaves Crochet magazine, but the illustrations just did not translate into 3-d for my brain. I started out with this lovely tutorial from Crochet Me for the mitts, but have been modifying it quite a bit for yarn substitution, fit and edging. I haven't taken photos yet, but will post them when I do finally get around to it. I hope to sneak in a bit of crocheting today inbetween preparing for taxes and updating some software.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Handmade Holidays

I made this puppet theater using the book Bend the rules Sewing by Amy Karol of Angry Chicken (she has a wonderful and inspiring blog!) I modified it a bit as I wanted it to be both longer and wider. Longer so that she could stand and do puppet shows. Wider so that it would hang like a curtain from her loft bed and have room for 2 kids to hide behind. I also used a dowel for the top instead of the tension rod. Which we hang using a ribbon and hook. Well ideally we'll use a hook. So far, we have just been using push pins! Amazingly, it seems to hold.

The color looks a bit washed out from the flash - it is so vibrant in person! I think my favorite part is the purple panne velvet curtains. They were such a bear to sew. I have no expertise in sewing knits, so they really pucker and curl on the hems. Even so, they still have such a lush, regal look to them!

I made a couple of bags for some family friends. The Ring of Fire was for our young Johny Cash fan and the the modern star was for a young lady who doesn't "do" pink any more, but is still a star! I dread the day when pink is no longer acceptable to my girl. Not so much that she needs to be uber-feminized by it, but it just looks so yummy on her! When it does happen, I will understand though - when you are born with a super-fem look, sometimes pink can just be too much for a gal!