Sunday, January 6, 2008

Handmade Holidays

I made this puppet theater using the book Bend the rules Sewing by Amy Karol of Angry Chicken (she has a wonderful and inspiring blog!) I modified it a bit as I wanted it to be both longer and wider. Longer so that she could stand and do puppet shows. Wider so that it would hang like a curtain from her loft bed and have room for 2 kids to hide behind. I also used a dowel for the top instead of the tension rod. Which we hang using a ribbon and hook. Well ideally we'll use a hook. So far, we have just been using push pins! Amazingly, it seems to hold.

The color looks a bit washed out from the flash - it is so vibrant in person! I think my favorite part is the purple panne velvet curtains. They were such a bear to sew. I have no expertise in sewing knits, so they really pucker and curl on the hems. Even so, they still have such a lush, regal look to them!

I made a couple of bags for some family friends. The Ring of Fire was for our young Johny Cash fan and the the modern star was for a young lady who doesn't "do" pink any more, but is still a star! I dread the day when pink is no longer acceptable to my girl. Not so much that she needs to be uber-feminized by it, but it just looks so yummy on her! When it does happen, I will understand though - when you are born with a super-fem look, sometimes pink can just be too much for a gal!