Friday, February 22, 2008

old school medicine

I don't know where the time goes! I feel like I can't make a new post without fresh, edited new photos, but that is just holding me back.

So, let me tell you about my teeth! I have a long, sad and expense history of dental troubles. I am trying to set my daughter on the path to dental happiness! So far so good. She had a cleaning scheduled this week, but when we arrived at the office, they had it down for the following week. (Again! This is an ongoing problem - however I love the dentist and will suffer through the office problems to see her!) So my poor baby loves going to the dentist so much, she bursts into tears right there in the waiting room. Can you imagine? So far so good - six years old and no cavities!

Anyway, back to my teeth. I had two adjacent molars prepped for crowns and they were just killing me days later. The dentist was out of town - but the woman who works the front desk calls in a prescription for antibiotics and vicadan for me! Aren't you supposed to have some sort license to prescribe these kinds of goodies?!? I don't like taking either, so didn't go fill the "prescription". It was nice to know it was there waiting for me if things started seeming worse of the holiday weekend! So 4 throbbing, aching-skull days later, we are off to our playgroup (friends from college, all with kids) We arrive and our hostess makes me a lemon drop.
Let me say that I am now a firm believer in the medicinal qualities of alcohol. I felt pain-free, in a way that tylenol and ibu just could not achieve. It was heaven! So I'll leave you with a link to the recipe - in case anyone needs some pain relief - old style!