Monday, February 25, 2008


She is a pear on the edge.

I don't know why she is so nervous.

I guess the fruit bowl really was just more than she could bear!

Felted fruit!
I really liked the needle felting I did for the eyes and mouth! This is the first time I have tried that technique. It is such a fast and fun way to add a lot of character. I did break 2 needles though - scary! I guess I was a bit too enthusiastic.

The basis for the pear came from this pattern by crochetroo from Australia. Yea etsy! I changed the size and gauge and some of the pattern to suit my felty needs. It was a fun project.

This pear is destined to be a birthday gift for a dear friend. I hope she'll be as amused as I am! I'd like to give her(the pear not my friend!) a nice name before she leaves. I'd ask for ideas, but I fear I would only hear an echo!

Next I'd like to make one to have around our house. Perhaps play with some different expressions

Soon, I'll show the rainbow felted heart pillow I made for Valentine's day. Well, after I take, upload and edit pictures!

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  1. OMG, that is TOO funny. I am cracking up. She just couldn't take the fruit bowl, huh? So hilarious!