Friday, March 21, 2008

Mmm Fabric

I love fabric, it may go beyond love to obsession even. Either way, I seem to accumulate fabric that waits for its day. I look at it, fondle it, wonder what to make with it and then eventually inspiration hits, Sometimes with fabulous results and sometimes with flops.

There is a wonderful online fabric store that I discovered through her very interesting blog. Sew Mama Sew! Beautiful fabrics and wonderful people. She is in Oregon, which is practically local, which I love also!

I recently received a wonderful packet of fabrics and have to share....

These little dolls are so sweet. I can't decide if they'll be for me or my daughter!

Thank you Sew Mama Sew!


  1. I just popped over here through your comment on Joyce's blog. I'm loving the felted fruit. My daughter would love to make that. Too bad her mom hasn't a crafty bone in her tired body.

  2. Thanks Betsy! My daughter begs to be taught to crochet. At this point I haven't had the patience to teach her to tie her shoes! I am thinking embroidery would be about the right speed for a 6yo.

  3. I got Esther a little, but very functional sewing machine for Christmas. She is quite disappointed in me for not being able to even figure out how to thread it. That is definitely daddy's job in this family.
    By the way, thanks for helping with the banner. You rock. The thing is, it is now kind of tiny. How on earth do you get it to stretch across the top like that. My hubby is a photographer but has no time for me, and I have no patience.