Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh no! Is moose again!

This little moose will be shipping off to Alaska to a new baby cousin. He was so fun to see come together, I love the transformation of felting.
It is from another wonderful pattern found on Etsy. Have I mentioned how great Etsy can be? Or how much time I can lose browsing?! Some very yummy items!

There are few more projects nearing completion. Plus, I am going to have to dust off the sewing machine. My Dad has requested a bag to protect one of the tribe's paddles. I want it to be just right for the paddle - nice clean lines and natural fiber materials. Maybe black with leather drawstrings.


  1. Ooh, another crafty mom. I love looking at crafty mom blogs. Strange since I'm not at all crafty. Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment at Momformation. Glad you found the bra website amusing.

  2. Okay, Now your really rock. Thanks again for helping me out. It takes a village:)