Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Goodbye Little House

We are selling our mid-century modern home and moving to the city.

Leaving carries a bit of sadness with it. This is were we got married & started our family. It has been an eventful 12 years. I get a little misty when I look around and am reminded of all the memories we have made here. But on the other hand I can't wait to get out and find a new place in which to begin the next chapter of our lives.

Whatever house it is, it will need a ton of work. The bonus of all the work is that we can design it to our tastes (and then build it to our tastes too!) My poor husband was not "handy' before we bought our house. He grew up in a house that never changed. Unlike me, who grew up in the midst of constant remodeling, deck building, jacking up the house etc. He has his handyman chops now though!

Now you must realize, the city is just about 12 blocks away. Yet, crossing the city line changes the pricing of homes tremendously and not in our favor. We will be camping out at my mother's art studio in the industrial zone until we can find a house that achieves that precarious balance between needs/wants and the budget! This is a pretty HCOl area, particularly in real estate. But I do like the city!