Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sewing? Sewing!

Let's see, so much has happened since my last post.
Our house sold, we moved into my mother's studio - an artist loft in the Industrial zone of our fine city.
Which has the glorious indoor swing - 15ft ceilings!

We bought a house and have proceeded to rip it apart! Why oh why do people build houses without any windows on the south side?! We need daylight around here - it is gray for half the year and we need light! A little demolition will bring in some light!
Is that a chain saw next to him?!?!

But the real reason I have unearthed my blog is that I have also unearthed my sewing machine! It was actually brought out of storage to perform its annual Halloween magic (Spotted Bat - thankyouverymuch!). So I've set it up on the dining table here in our temporary home. And found this wonderfully easy and fool-proof tutorial for making a zippered bag on an Australian blog called Heart of Mary. Zippers and I have never found a way to work together. This time it worked! Here is a link to the tutorial - I heartily recommend it. I made this for a dear cousin who needs a little cheer.

The only caveat with this technique is that you have to use the same fabric for your lining as your outer fabric. I may try to figure out a work around as I love the contrast between linings and outer. It can add a bit of fun to a bag. Thank you Heart of Mary!