Friday, January 2, 2009

Winter snow snow snow

We've finally thawed out and melted. Winter and holidays - they have come and gone. Just some quick peeks into winter for us.

All of our Christmas doodads are buried in the storage unit. So we created out Christmas from paper, felt and salt dough this year. The little tree will be planted at the new house, which is need of some landscaping, plantings or something!

These little felt numbers were inspired by some I spotted on Etsy by Rikrak and an online Martha Stewart pattern.

The ice skating was lovely. This is a seasonal ice rink, there just don't seem to be as many rinks in the area as when I was a child (lo, some 30 odd years ago!). So that is a photo of her first time on ice... and yes, she is twirling around! Who knew?!