Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another undocumented Art Bag

The birthday party invitations are coming fast and furious these days. There was an eleventh hour request to "please make an Art Bag for J...'s birthday" How could I say no!? I try to cherish these days when my daughter is thrilled by the things I sew for her and her friends. I fear that as she advances into the teenage years the appreciation may wane. Well, the request came the day before the party and I put it off until the next morning. It turned out cute. No photos exist to prove this, you'll just have to take my word for it! By the time I finished sewing it and hoped into and out of the shower, we had fifteen minutes to wrap the present and get to the party. Not a photo opportunity!
I used a vibrant pink and green Ikea fabric. I love their fabrics! I've decided that with the heavier weight of the decorator cottons from Ikea, I don't need to line the bags as I had with the quilting cottons. Makes the whole process that much quicker. They do lose the cachet of being reversible though. I just zigzag all of the seams and it is quite sturdy.
I really do need to make my poor daughter her very own Go-Go Art Bag. Her bag is the one I will make a tutorial with - I swear! I think I'll start with the unlined version - great to whip up for a birthday party!